In order to provide a fun and rewarding Cub Scout experience for your son, our pack is always looking for adult volunteers. When your son joins Cub Scouts, both you and him become a member of our pack. Every parent needs to volunteer in order to make the pack successful and it is expected that every parent will volunteer at least 2 hours per month. Volunteer options include helping out at events or filling one of our many leadership positions. Please take a moment to review the positions below and mark the ones that you may be interested in.

Public Facing Positions (working directly with Scouts and Parents):

The Cubmaster is the ringmaster of Pack 201. Responsible for pack meetings, ceremonies, campfire programs and ensuring a quality scouting program from the pack to the den level.

Assistant Cubmaster
The Assistant Cubmaster helps the Cubmaster develop and run the pack meetings, ceremonies and other events. They need to be ready to fill in for the Cubmaster if necessary. Every pack should have at least one assistant Cubmaster.

Den Leader
Den leaders are responsible for creating an leading their den in activities that help scouts have fun and achieve their ranks.

Song Leaders
Song leaders are responsible for finding songs and leading the pack in song at both pack meetings and campouts. Song leaders do not have to have a perfect singing voice!

Games Masters
Games Masters are all about fun! They find and coordinate games for both pack meetings and campouts.

Committee Positions (working behind the scenes to make our pack go)

Committee Chair
The Committee Chair is the CEO of the pack. They are responsible for all pack operations and accomplish this by delegating tasks to and overseeing various committees in the pack. The Committee Chair owns the relationship with the council, district and charter organization.

Keep financial records for the pack. Maintain the pack bank account and approve expenditures.

Membership Chair
The Membership Chair is responsible for making sure that the pack roster is accurate for the current active scouts and leaders. They work with the committee chair and Cubmaster to fill out the annual re- charter. They also serve as the point of contact for people that want to join the pack. The membership chair helps coordinate the annual join scouting night.

Popcorn Committee
Popcorn is THE annual fund raiser that pays for 75% of all activities that the pack participates in. Members of the Popcorn Committee can either work on the summer show and sell or the door to door campaign during the school year and are responsible for coordinating activities associated with it. This is a very social job.

Camping Committee
Members of the camping committee are responsible for reserving campsites for the pack and putting together the programs for the individual camping trips.

Quartermaster Corps
The Quartermaster Corps manages, maintains, transports and purchases pack supplies.

Training Coordinator
The training coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all leaders are properly trained and that they all have an up to date certification status. In addition to this, they keep the pack aware of upcoming training opportunities.

T -shirt Coordinator
Ordering and distributing Class-B uniform t-shirts is the responsibility of the t-shirt coordinator. Optionally, they may choose to re-design the current t-shirt.

Webmasters (content management, site management)
Keeping up to date content and design on the pack web site is an important job. Pack 201 needs a group of individuals for both content management and web site design.

Awards Chair
The Awards Chair is responsible for running monthly reports for scout advancement and ordering and distributing the awards.

Pack Admin
The pack admin is responsible for maintaining and organizing all paperwork necessary for operation of the pack. This job is probably less than two hours per month.

Communications Chair
The communications chair is responsible for composing and sending out regular informational e- mails to the pack about pack meetings and other events.

PR Chair
The PR chair is responsible for writing brief articles and sending that and pictures to local media for pack events.

Offsite Event Coordinator
The offsite event coordinator is responsible for scheduling special events like trips to the USS Lexington and the NASA overnight trip.

Decorations Committee
The decorations committee is responsible for decorations at pack special events.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer coordinator is responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers for pack events.

Event Committee
The event committee is like a project manager for pack events. The committee will plan these events and work with the volunteer coordinator to ensure successful events.

Signup Coordinators
Signup coordinators attend pack meetings and manage sign-up sheets and take money for pack events.

If you would like to sign up for any of these positions, please contact us.